Discover, the new front mounted reserve parachute pocket "OLYS".

An extremely light polyvalent reserve parachute pocket well adapted to local site flying and the Hike & Fly activity.

Available in two sizes. A complete model suited for all the SUP'AIR reserve parachute models.

More product information: reserve parachute container OLYS


the LEAF is undoubtedly the glider which will put most smiles on faces. The young wolf hungry for distance and the wise old fox who values his peace of mind will both be satisfied with this glider designed for everyday use in all conditions.

The LEAF is a « REAL » EN B glider, designed to please any pilot able to fly a wing of this class.

No more of the old "high B, low B" debate...

More Infos on the LEAF product page


A lightweight, versatile and polyvalent harness. Particularly suited to mountain flying, it also intended to be used for tandem flying, ground handling, coastal ridge soaring, wherever lightness and ease allow the pilot to play freely.

See the product here : RADICAL3

"PWC SUPER FINAL" (World Cup) - MEXICO 2016

The "PWC Super Final" (World Cup) is around the corner! It will take place in Mexico from January 12th to the 23rd, and will bring together the best pilots of the 2015 season .....

Clément Latour, Louis Gérin-Jean, Martin Rebord, Antoine Gérin-Jean and Yohan Chavanne already are on their way to Mexico.

To follow the competition please visit the website: http://www.monarcaopen.com/

Pierre BOUILLOUX left us !

It is with great sorrow that we learned about Pierre Bouilloux's passing which will be deeply felt by many people. He was a pioneer and a champion in our sport. Founder of SUP'AIR in Annecy in 1982, he became the world leading designer/manufacturer in the paragliding harness industry. An exceptional man, creating exceptional products, Pierre embodied paragliding, our company and our brand for over 30 years.

He left us at the age of sixty. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family, his companion Linh, and two daughters Elodie and Stéphanie, to whom we extend our deepest condolences.

If you wish to leave a personal message to the family, you can write to hommage@supair.com (we will forward your letter of sympathy).

The ceremony will take place on monday, 28th of december, in Viuz la Chiesaz, Haute-Savoie, France.


The entire SUP'AIR Team wishes you a good and happy holiday season.

Notice: Our offices will be closed from Wednesday  December 23rd. ( included ), until reopen January 4th 2016.

The SUPAIR team




The SUP'AIR Team comprised of Horacio Llorens, Théo de blic, Tim Alongi, Eliot Nochez, Jeremy Peclard and David Geiser, did not go unnoticed in Dubai during the World Air Games. Between the six of them, they grabbed nine medals in solo and synchronized flying during the ACRO event.

Thumbs up everyone!


More information and videos of the WAG on the Facebook TEAM SUPAIR page.


After conducting reserve parachute extraction tests, we advise all pilots using our harnesses, to conduct a hang-test extraction after the reserve parachute installation inside the seat was made. It is the only way to ensure a full functionality check.


Regarding the DELIGHT2, we have updated our user manual, with page 15 being more accurate in description. It is not a question of a reserve parachute's excessive volume but rather the placement of the handle on the POD relative to the size and the way the hang-test is conducted. See the updated user manual page 15:


In company of the entire SUP'AIR team, you were able to discover the harness, wing, parachute and accessory range as well as the latest gear. You met the X-Alps SUP'AIR pilots, talked with our R&D staff, and probably tried your future harness.

We hope to have the pleasure of your company again next year !  





The supair team is proud to introduce the new light mountain glider "EIKO" which has just succeed the EN 926 : Class B certification... 

It will be available in two sizes : 20m² (flying total weight from 50 to 80kg) and 23 m² (flying total weight from 65 to 100kg)... ▼

With 2.45kg for the 20 and 2.75kg for the 23, the EIKO offer one of the best compromise between lightness and flying performances of the hike and fly market.
It has been designed for all initiated pilots : from the one who want to fly "light" to the experts who desire a second wing for hike and fly.


Sup'air est fier d'être partenaire des championnats de France et de l'étape de Coupe du Monde de voltige 2015, ils se dérouleront sur la plage de Doussard du jeudi 27 août au dimanche 30 août.


25 pilotes sont attendus pour les championnats de France et une quinzaine de pilotes internationaux pour la Coupe du Monde.



Excellent results for the Team SUP'AIR-Switzerland ! !

First podium in the World Cup for David Geiser and Jeremy Peclard in the "sync"!

The Neuchâtel and Vaudois pilots finished 3rd in the World Cup race in Omegna Italy this weekend !


Prochain objectif: conserver leur 3ème place au classement général à l'issue de la dernière manche de Coupe du monde le week-end prochain 22 et 23 août à Villeneuve à l'occasion du Sonchaux Acro Show 2015!


This year the Poupet school team held its first youth France National Championships.

The results were very positive with three rounds amoung which, two took place over two days. A wonderful time blessed with good weather smiles and happy pilots.

With twenty one pilots, a starter of choice and Maxime Pinot in DE, the rounds were great. For each one, one third of the pilots made it to goal.

SUPAIR partnered with this event to encourage tomorrow's champions to participate.

1st Emmanuel Avalle

2nd Bastien De Luca

3rd  Tim Rochas


In line with the sustainable development approach SUPAIR has participated in for several years in partnership with Mountain Wilderness, we encourage you to participate in the contest "change of approach".

You probably have dreamed or already left your local "fish tank" to discover new locations, went to meets while focusing on soft modes of transport. This is an opportunity to share your experience with other pilots and hence promoting our activity while reducing our impact on this fragile environment.


The most publicized race in the paragliding world lived up to its promise once more : big air conditions, tense moments, suspense, adventure... all the ingredients were in place to allow athletes to compete under the gaze of on-line followers glued to their live tracking screens. Yet again Chrigel Maurer wins the race after eight action-packed days, closely followed by Sebastian Huber and Paul Guschelbauer.


French athletese Antoine Girard and Gaspard Petiot arrived 4th and 5th respectively after a remarkable end to their race, which was full of twists.
At Sup'Air we are very proud to have supported Gaspard Petiot, Gavin McClug, Erik Rehnsfeldt and Tom de Dorlodot (get well soon Tom). We would also like to thank the other pilots who chose to fly under the Sup'AIr colors this event : Ferdinand Van Schelven, Honza Rejmanek, Alex Villa. Congratulations to all pilots who took part in the race ;  we remain convinced that the X-Alps is one of the best test grounds for our future products !


Extraction problem with the tandem harnesses reserve parachute handles EVASION² and WALIBI²


More info here ▼

SORA 2015

For the 2015 season we are introducing two new colour schemes for our SORA tandem : "Grass" and "Fire". The other colour schemes are still available. Custom colours are also available upon request.

Additional information ▼

14th FAI World Paragliding Championships

Our pilot Clément Latour, was selected to join the French PG team to participate in the 2015 World Paragliding Championships taking place in Roldanillo ( Columbia ).


Click to follow the World Championships and the French team



The SUPAIR team has welcomed three new pilots in its ranks: 2 ACRO and 1 XC for 2015. Going to be a hot season!



Check out the team's site:

Namibia : dreaming of the red sand dunes...

Third (and last) stop of the Frequent Flyers paragliding journey.


                                                            More info ▼

The DELIGHT² in under way !

Our new light XC "hammock-like" harness made to fly at any local site or in the mountains is now available ! The DELIGHT2 is even more polyvalent than it predecessor the DELIGHT, with a new geometry and a removable mini seat plate.

More product information ▼

New SORA tandem wing video

The SORA tandem video ! Discover the characteristics, strong assets and reasons why the SORA is the ideal professional tandem wing !




Icare Cup | Saint Hilaire (France) | September 18th through the 21st

Welcome to our booth ( J1-J4 ) :
"SUP'AIR" raises the sails : come and sail away with us !".

Meet the entire Team, discover the new DELIGHT 2 and the Team SUP'AIR pilots...  



Excellent results by the SUP'AIR Team during the 2014 Aerobatics World Cup

Eliot NOCHEZ takes the 2nd. place in the solo division.

Horacio LLORENS with Theo DE BLIC find themselves 3rd in synchronized flying...

48 entries, 16 participating nations, 8 events divided over three various locations: one in Abania, and two in Italy.


1. François RAGOLSKI FRA

2. Eliot NOCHEZ (Team SUP'AIR ) FRA

3. Théo de BLIC (Team SUP'AIR ) FRA





3. Théo de BLIC (Team SUP'AIR ) FRA / Horacio LLORENS (Team SUP'AIR ) ESP

More information on the Team's site at >> www.teamsupair.com


Alexandre Mateos (SUP'AIR Paramotor Team ) wins the 2014 World championship which was held in Matkopuszta (Hungary), from August 8th through the 15th. Thumbs up Alex!

All results can be viewed on the team's website:

Jérémy new Swiss Champion after the Sonchaux Acro Show !

A good week indeed for Jérémy PECLARD at the Villeneuve event : he became a Dad for the first time and Swiss Paragliding Acro Champion for the second time !!!

Success as well for other members of the Swiss Team SUPAIR, with David GEISER finishing 2nd and Lionel HERCOD grabbing the 4th spot. Time to celebrate !!!

Final results and photos ▼

Jérémy and David are Synchronized Acro Swiss Champions as well !!!

More info :  www.acroshow.ch et www.acro-cat.ch


Thumbs up to Clément LATOUR for finishing Vice-European Champion behind the German pilot Torsten SIEGEL but in front of the pilot from Slovenia Jurij VIDIC !


Hurrah! to all the pilots from the French Team who gave their best, often flying in marginal weather conditions.


It is Charlie PICCOLO, the SUP'AIR international Team manager, who sees his photo displayed on the front cover of the magazine "L'Equipe" for the month of August ! An interview about him and the "Waga" progression at the "Pilat Dune".

All illustrated with superb photos by Tristan Shu.


The school "Passagers du Vent" have offered to run a thorough flight- test procedure to evaluate our latest XA 13 harness.


                            The test results can be viewed on their site at ▼


Follow our team pilot Thomas de DORLOTOT equipped with his XA 13 harness during his adventure around the Adriatic Sea!



SORA Tandem/ Adrenaline Parapente

Adrénaline Parapente is treating us with a beautiful video of the SORA in action over the Annecy lake surrounded by its magnificent alpine landscape.
The dream goes on!...




Clément Latour takes the third place in the Paragliding World Cup " Coeur de Savoie" flying with his SKYPPER FR harness this past weekend in Chamousset.


Congratulations to him and all participants!




Sophie Verhaege, SUP'AIR XC ( Cross Country ) pilot made a beautiful 250 km flight.

Read the complete story on the team's website... ▼


It is a specific streamline, high performance harness aimed at hiking and flying. 

A direct product result coming out of the harness half of  the pilots involved in the X-Alps 2013 competition were equipped with…


More... ▼


For pilots coming out of school training, and later take them all the way to the nicest XC flights. 

Lighter, updated look, and equipped with a new reserve parachute pocket, it will seduce many pilots.


More ... ▼


During our trip, we stopped in New Zealand. Here is a selection of landscapes we saw throughout the course of 45 days.



More infos on teamsupair.com ▼


Marvin Ogger and Tim Alongi visit Cape Town, South Africa to fly some amazing spots and push the limits of paragliding.

VIDEO SHOT & EDITED 100% on an iPhone by Graham Howes (Dirty Habits).

"SORA" The New SUP'AIR tandem wing

Discover the first SUP'AIR tandem paragliding wing.

Your anticipation is high so, to answer your questions in the mean time, we have setup a site dedicated to the SORA where you will find all technical characteristics, practical information, manual,etc...

Tandem flight with the SORA

The brand new tandem SORA designed by SUP’AIR was tested by the team at the Stubai Cup !


More info on the TEAM website  ▼


Follow Thomas De Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens through their trip in the South Pacific...

More details......


SUPAIR is a VOL & SKI 2014 challenge partner.

As in previous years, the Saisies ski resort will open the season's event.

We hope to see many of you participating in the challenge…



Consult the season's calendar of events




- January 11th - 12th : LES SAISIES
- January 18th - 19th : ZINAL (CH)
- January 25th - 26th : ST GERVAIS
- February 1st - 2nd : VARS
- February 8th - 9th : CREST-VOLANT COHENNOZ
- February 15th-16th : MANIGOD
- February 22nd - 23rd : CHAMOIS (IT)
- March 1st - 2nd : VERBIER (CH)
- March 22nd - 23rd : CREST-VOLANT COHENNOZ (FINAL)
More information on the challenge at  http://voletski.wordpress.com/
Put your skis on and join us...


We are distraught and sad to let you know about our business partner and friend Bruno Deloustal who was caught in a deadly avalanche during a cross-country skiing outing last Sunday.

Bruno had joined SUPAIR as an R&D engineer/designer. His professional guiding principals in tune with great human qualities, injected a breath of fresh air into the company and its team. We had been blessed to have him among us for a fleeting two year lapse, while also sharing goods times in other activities we had in common. We will always keep in our memories those heartfelt, joyful and precious moments spent in his company.

The entire SUPAIR team sends its heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. Bruno will be missed.



New SUPAIR tandem glider

As previously announced during the Coupe Icare 2013, the SUPAIR R&D ( Research & Development ) team has been hard working for the last few months, developing/testing a new brand paragliding line, and among which, a tandem glider to be unveiled early next season.

This new wing targeting professional tandem pilots will meet stringent safety criteria and demanding specific handling requirements. Pierre-Yves Alloix, our designer, is working in tight collaboration with two test pilots, and a few experience individuals in the field as well, to deliver a well-rounded final product designed by and for professionals.
We have mainly focused our attention on the takeoff/landing phases, as well as onboard comfort and handling characteristics. The overall structure of the glider was emphasized by a sleek original, dynamic design, drawn out of the latest wing technologies and building materials. 
Actual specifications :
Size : 41 m2
Aspect ratio : 5,35
Weight : 7.7 kg. 
Material/cloth : Porcher Sport Skytex 38g/m² and 32g/m².
Lines : Liros and Edelrid
This new tandem wing will be available early Spring 2014.


Greetings everyone ! 

We want to remind you that our offices will be close for the annual end of the year holidays shutdown from Friday December 20th noon through Monday January 6th 2014...

It will be our pleasure to renew contact with you in early 2014 and start a season full of new exciting products to come ! 
Thank you again for your support and trust in our company. 
Wishing you all a great end of season 2013. 
The entire SUPAIR-VLD team.

Eliot NOCHEZ is the 2013 french Acro national champion ! - Cyril PLANTON 3rd. !

The Team SUP'AIR ends the season on a high note with great podium standings for participating in the  the French National Championships which took place over the Savines lake during the 18th, 19th, and 20th of October.

Thumbs up to Eliot for this superb victory, and the same will go to Cyril for his 3rd. spot !




The entire team was at the Coupe Icare booth to welcome you onboard the SUP'AIR AIRLINE, and help you find the harness most suitable for your flying style!

A huge thank you to you all for coming over and pay us a visit during the event!

See you next year, same place!...




Discover the impressive video footage of the X-Alps race 2013...

More information on the Team's site at ▼


Discover the festival's photos and televisoin report here... ▼



The Sonchaux Acro Show is now over.

The International Sup’Air Acro Team imposed itself again and grabbed the best spots on the podium ! Congrats  boys !


More info : www.teamsupair.com


The young Swiss pilot Jeremy Peclard (Sup’Air Swiss Acro Team) won the Swiss Championship 2013.

Congrats mate !

SATS success at the Swiss Aerobatics Paragliding Championship in Brienz !

Jérémy Péclard is the new Suisse Aerobatic Paragliding Champion !

Hercod takes the 3rd place ( the 2nd spot was grabbed by Chrigel Maurer who is not yet a SATS team member !!! ). SATS = Swiss Acro Team SUP'AIR.

Jérémy and David Geiser were previous synchronized flying champions !

Solo ranking >> HERE

More details: http://www.acroclubbeo.ch


Follow Olivier Laugero at the 8th Ghana Paragliding Festival with colorful high altitude tandem flights !


...more info...


Discover the full edition 2013 epic story.

Go to the website team ! ▼


Discover the new acro combo by Horacio Llorens.


The countdown was over at exactly 12 h, and here are the results :

Ewa Guzy : 533 Jaime

Mattias Seven : 407 Jaime

Yoann Monneret : 260 Jaime

Pierre Ducarouge : 175 Jaime

Pacôme schmitt : 123 Jaime.

A big thank you fort your participation ! The SUP'AIR TEAM.




A podium just for the SUP'AIR TEAM. Solo

1 – Horacio Llorens (ESP) 34,629

2 – Tim Alongi (FRA) 33,545

3 – Jérémy Bailly (FRA) 33,536

4 – Marvin Ogger (GER) 33,481

5 – Eliot Nochez (FRA) 31,689

More info on the Team's website ▼

Access the TEAM website


Thumbs up to two of the SUP'AIR Team members : Charles Cazaux grabs the second place, and Felix Rodriguez the 12th spot in the overall ranking after the Sopot championships in Bulgaria. 

Below can be read the feedback from Charles Cazaux.


A bit more than a year later after joning of the Team Sup'Air, a fair amount of commitment from everyone involved into developing a product targeting high competition levels; here I am on this second podium step after five rounds, more than twenty air time hours, and nearly 500 km flown seating in my Skypper FR during this event. There is no miracle recipe to wining other than a perfect symbiosis pilot/gear as the answer for a successful outcome!
What to say about this event beside that I was impatiently waiting for it... I took it to heart to show what I was made off and could do, even though my early season start was kind of on the weak side. As the days went by, I begun to see the odds turning into my favor after fine tuning my gear/skills which ultimately pushed me to become ready for the big showdown. I was pumped-up for the race !
Beside the competition context, I was lucky enough to be part of a great team, a superb ambiance dedicated to flying, and able to experience many great moments with my coworkers.
I was a bit disappointed to see a friend stepping on the top of the podium, but was nevertheless extremely happy to grab the second spot.
Thank you to SUP'AIR for its full support, and now... I am now looking forward to Colombia 2015 !






Discover the Tignes Acro Show results in images !


Photos and videos on the team site▼

Access the Team Site.

X-ALPS 2013 : the podium !

The last part of the race was neck to neck between Clément Latour and Antoine Girard who did keep us on our toes to the very end and elevated  this superb X-ALPS 2013 to the level it deserves !

1 - Christian Maurer (SUI1)  

2 - Clément Latour (FRA1)

3 - Antoine Girard (FRA2) 

All the best photos can be found here ▼


With Clément Latour taking the 2nd spot and Antoine Girard the 3rd. They both brilliantly completed the 6th X-ALPS tournament. Thumbs up and congratulation to the both of them! They treated us with a superd show all the way to the finish with a tight battle during the last night!

Keep track of the athletes still in the race using Live Tracking at
 live tracking


That's it! Clément Latour, Victor Sebe, Antoine Girard and 12 other pilots have started the 2013 X-ALPS competition event.


Fifteen of them are outfitted with the harness and backpack X-A 13 models custom designed and built for the X-alps 2013 by the SUP'AIR R&D team and specifically by our engineer Bruno who went all out in this particular project. A harness/backpack product under 2 kg.!...
Keep track of the pilots still in the race with  Live Tracking


One day with Clément Latour - X-Alps 2013

Join Clément busy getting ready in view of the X-ALPS 2013 event.

The video here ▼

One day with Clément Latour - the movie
Follow the entire training for the upcoming X-ALPS event on  the Team's site.


Send your best photo showing a SUP'AIR harness before July 30th 2013 to :


Try your luck and win the ALTIRANDO² RS harness!
More information on the contest's page ▼

SUP'AIR photo contest : win an ALTIRANDO²RS 

X-ALPS 2013 : Clément equipped with gear matching his talent !

Exceptional gear for an exceptional pilot !

For the 2013 X-ALPS competition, Clément Latour will be exclusively geared from head to toes with the 2014 SUP'AIR  product line.



X-ALPS 2013

First unveiled photo of the new X-ALPS harness developped by SUP'AIR in collaboration with Clément Latour and Victor Sebe as test pilots. Inflight photos coming soon !

Follow the X-ALPS progress at SUP'AIR XP


Discover whole new SUPAIR products : the POLO LIGHT and the GLOVES TOUCH !

A breathable, fast drying clean cut polo T-shirt with a high tech look bringing a touch of elegance even while flying ! More information on the POLO LIGHT.

The gloves TOUCH are warm, wind proof, made of Windstopper® materials, flexible with precision fitting ! Ideal to wear year around. More information on the GLOVES TOUCH.
POLO LIGHT sizes available : S,M,L,XL
GANTS TOUCH sizes available : S,M,L,XL

New team poster

Greetings everyone !

Here is the new team poster.

I do hope you will enjoy it :-)

Charlie Piccolo

The poster is >> HERE


We have discovered possible issues during reserve parachute extractions with the DELIGHT harness model.

Please visit the relevant page for more information about it by clicking here ▼


The reserve parachute extraction can be influenced by multiple factors described
as follows :
- The reserve parachute's volume.
- How fully packed the reserve parachute containers adjacent storage pockets are.
- The direction the handle pull is pulled.
Our tests and feedbacks by test-pilots have demonstrated that the extraction made with certain models was facilitated by using removable foam pads placed inside the reserve parachute pocket.
You can contact your SUP'AIR dealer / representative or SUP'AIR FRANCE directly sav@supair.com to receive the reserve parachute container foam PADS free of charge. You absolutely must conduct an extraction sequence during a hang-test simulating a full flight mode ( storage pocket filled with your backpack, clothing and miscellaneous items… ).
We will ask to all DELIGHT owners to install those removable pads if necessary to validate a correct reserve parachute extraction procedure. You can download provided full safety warning


Discover the Team pilots in full action time...



Poor Man’s Heli

Discover this extraordinary and unique paragliding/speed-riding video footage made by Antoine BOISSELIER & Guillaume CHATAIN

... in "More"...

... by clicking >> HERE


Follow the french pilot Antoine LLORENS during his amazing trip through the Sierra Nevada in California.

... in "More"...

...clic >> www.xp.supair.com

Accessible from the right "Sup'Air Expeditions" banner!


Discover Tom's extraordinary feat in this documentary shown on Belgium television.

... in "More"...

...by clicking on >> ICI

Reserve deployment test

We have tested our harnesses equipped with a reserve parachute container using the "G-Force Trainer". With a G 4 centrifugal force exerted, all harnesses had a successful deployment sequence. An entire team worked to make it a success…

Clément ( Public Relations and competition pilot ), Philippe ( Product manager ), Charles Cazaux ( competition pilot ), and Adrien ( the video producer ) were also used as Guinea Pigs...

The movies can be viewed on the pages with relevant information about the harness models equipped with reserve parachutes.


Robin CAVANAK & Yves HOHLSATS of the SUP'AIR SWISS ACRO TEAM are delighting us with a surprising movie !

All extremes coming together...

The SUP'AIR ACRO SWISS TEAM 's site link

and Robin CAVANAK & Yves HOHL 's site.

Happy New Year 2013 !


The SUP'AIR team wishes you a Happy New Year 2013.



Felix Rodriguez excels in Cross Country flying...

The iconic acro pilot, Felix Rodriguez brings us back to 2012 with excellent cross country flying results while using the SKYPPER harness.

First place - XC Spain Champion.
Second place - European Champioship wit the Spanish Team.
Second place  - Spanish league. Taucho / Ténérife.

Climbing and Mini wings project.

Discover the film at www.xp.supair.com about 4 friends from Lyon who decided to merge climbing with paragliding.

Thomas Caleyron and his buddies went to wild and unique places to capture outstanding footage.

The video can be seen at www.xp.supair.com

Clément Latour is selected to participate in the X-alps race.

The official list of pilots participating in the Red Bull X-alps 2013 race has been published and the enitre SUPAIR team is proud to announce Clément Latour's entry as one of the contendants.


After a first participation and a finishing 8th position in the 2011 Red Bull X-Alps, Clément will start the race next July in Salzburg in the company of thirty additional athletes. Thomas De Dorlodot from Belgium ( Team SupAir ), Antoine Girard and Victor Sebe will be there as well.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the X-Alps will be hot and spectacular, with an almost 900 km distance to cover between Salzburg and Monaco. Among the main modifications : the exact course and the turning points will only be revealed a few days before the race begins, and each team will be made of three participants - 1 pilot and 2 co-team members.
In the mean time, you will be able to follow the FR 1 team comprised of Philippe Barnier ( Ripair ), Bruneau Deloustal ( engineer at SupAir ) and Clément Latour ( Commercial SupAir-VLD ) during its training and conditioning by accessing XP SUPAIR



Discover the latest SKYPPER, DELIGHT and ALTIRANDO2 video clips presented by Charles Cazaux and Clément Latour.

Mammut Peak Project: the Ataraxia Project !

Snow kite, speed riding, parapente, snowboard, ski... en ALASKA !

Discover the first images and write-up on this incredible journey at www.xp.supair.com


Thumbs up to Auréliane and François for their tandem crossing of the Alps :

950 km covered, 380 km by air, almost 700 on foot, 38000 m of total descent...

Find out more about their achievement at www.xp.supair.com


Discover Tom de Dorlodot, Horacio LIorens and Herman Pitocco's adventure in Pakistan.



St-Hil: a good year !

The stewardess and pilot SUP'AIR AIRLINES crew unveiled a slew of novelties onboard.

Big success and so proud to have also won the best original booth award !



World Champion Horacio Llorens !

Horacio Llorens wins his 4th consecutive Paragliding Aerobatic World title.

Congratulations !

Eliot Nochez French National Champion

Eliot Nochez, a young 19 years old French pilot wins the Aerobatic French National Paragliding Championships and grabs the 2nd. spot in the World Cup in the process !

The entire team gives him the thumbs up for his excellent competition results.

World Powered Paragliding championship in Spain :

An excellent result for the french pilots and two SUPAIR team pilots grabbing the 1st and 2nd spot !!!

Women : Coralie Mateos takes a 2nd. place behind Emilia Plak ( Poland ).

Men : Alexandre Mateos finishes 2nd. after Pascal Vallée ( France ).

Alexandre MATEOS :

My first world championship was hard on me with my injured ankle, but I was nevertheless, able to participate in the event. Ok. but a bit windy weather conditions; a fair amount of task diversification; I made a few mistakes, but it is part of the learning process and hope not to repeat them in the future.


Coralie MATEOS :

An extraordinary experience ! The weather conditions became strong each morning to calm down in the evening thus making each flying session a short one, allowing us to rest in the interval periods. There were many tasks requiring navigation knowledge and preparation, enough calculations to make to give anyone a headache…I am more into intuitive flying than having to calculate all my routes in advance. Nevertheless, my academic planing was good, but the task did not feel as much fun to me. I clearly enjoyed myself a lot more during the middle of the competition with the max targets/max kilometers course (the calculations were simpler to make with more flight options available), wing handling of course, and fuel economy. 

Among the girls, Emilia Plak tookoff quickly and kept the pole position. It was a great amicable battle!

I am very happy with this 2nd. place for my first world championship; an exciting revelation enticing me to get ready for the next season in view of the European Championships two years from now. I believe I needed this interim and constructive step which gave me a solid platform to stand on for the future competitions to come.

All gung-ho about it !!


St Hilaire 2012 - September 20th to the 23rd. !

As for each year, we will naturally be present at the World and Universe's greatest international foot-launch free flying event - the Coupe Icare ! Location :  Saint Hillaire du Touvet near Grenoble - France.

We will unveil the three latest new stars ( DELIGHT, SKYPPER AND THE ACRO BASE SYSTEM... ) and perhaps even a few novelties !!!

See you soon at the SUPAIR booth !


Natural Games 2012

Only a few flights this season, but in good company nevertheless…

Thank you to Toto, Cath, Léo and the others...




Clément Latour won the "St-Hil AIR TOUR 2012" !

A big round of applause to Clément Latour, commercial Rep. at SUPAIR-VLD, for his outstanding performance by winning the Saint Hillaire Tour competition. The event gathered nearly 50 teams on a circuit reaching as far as Annecy to the north, and the "Col de Frettes" to the south ( Piolit ).

Particularity of this competition : the circuit allowed the contestants to choose either direction. In 2012, half of the competitors headed out northbound, while the other half preferred the south. The suspense was guaranteed to be there !


ALTIRANDO 2 : Video owner's manual

How to... ?

The video!



Charles CAZAUX joins the TEAM XC SUP'AIR

French pilot Charles CAZAUX, 2009 World Cup winner and FAI World champion  2011, joins the 2012 SUP'AIR XC Team.

He will fly with the SKYPPER during this new season.

The entire SUP'AIR team gives him a warm welcome!

" Always pushing myself to excel, I expected to do the same with my sponsors and gear choice in order to reach the highest targeted goals.

Today, I am facing a new challenge by joining the dynamic SUP'AIR team highlighted by the emblematic Pierre Bouilloux!

Comfort, steering precision, efficiency, light with a superb ergonomic profile, are words painting a perfectly adapted harness : the SKYPPER!

Charles CAZAUX


After three years of research and development, the ACRO BASE SYSTEM will finally make it to market next June.

All about this innovating invention… narrated by Raul RODRIGUEZ !




Find Tom De Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens final incredible journey's at : www.xp.supair.com

This new expedition named SEARCH PROJECTS, is taking place in Africa and can be followed by accessing www.xp.supair.com

Bienvenue Szasza !

The World Aerobatic Paragliding Champion 2011, Alexandra Grillmayer from Hungary, joins the International Sup'Air Acro Team for the 2012 season.

Plus d'info sur www.teamsupair.com

Himalayan Odyssey Trip

Follow the incredible journey of both pilots Brad Sanders and Antoine LIIaurens through the Himalayan valleys.

More information at  www.xp.supair.com

New video VIP & WALIBI


Tandem flying according to Sup'Air ! Here's maestro Adrien in motion with his passenger on Vimeo.




Antoine Montant leaves us.


A true multitalented champion left us last month in Haute Savoie during a base-jump attempt.

We will extend our condolences, love and support to his family.

You will be missed and always remembered....




Francis and his dragon.

Without exaggeration; here is a gifted man's extraordinary feat - a talented individual in full control of his natural artistic abilities : 

His masterpiece was unveiled to the public during the Coupe Icare 2011 and co-sponsored by SUP'AIR.

St-Hil 2011: le film d'Adrien !

Saint hilaire a été une belle fête, voici la preuve en images !

Coupe Icare 2011 with Sup'Air from Team Supair on Vimeo.




Africa expedition SEARCH PROJECTS.

The Belgian pilot Tom de Dorlodo and the Spanish pilot Horacio Liorens have left for Egypt.

This adventure will guide them from Alexandrie in Cape Town all across eleven countries in search of secret sites...

La nouvelle expédition baptisée SEARCH PROJECTS se déroulera en Afrique.


The X-ALPS 2011 is over !

Congratulations to Clément Latour ( Public Relation SUP'AIR, VLD, SKYWALK ), and to all the other pilots who participated in this grueling race.

SUP'AIR was there is full force with 5 ( five ) DELIGHT harnesses used by pilots finishing in the top ten rankings.

Clément placed 8th in the general ranking : what a champion !