Extremely light and polyvalent reserve parachute pocket, fully adapted to local site flying and the Hike & Fly activity.


The OLYS front mounted reserve parachute pocket can be installed on any harness model. It comes in two sizes ( T1 S/M and T2 L ) and is compatible with the entire SUP'AIR solo reserve parachute line ( among others ! ). The container is extremely light and complete: it is fully adapted to mountain flights and XC long distance adventures.

  • Weight 130 g
  • | 150 g
  • Color(s) black/green
  • Size(s) T1, T2
Tooltip fanatic

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  • Light ( 130gr. for the size 1 and 150gr. for the size 2 ).
  • Complete and polyvalent ( Mountaineering, Hike&Fly, local flight sites ).