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G Force trainer



A compact, light, reversible harness with integrated AirBag ( AB ) protection system in addition to a built-in reserve parachute pocket.
A truly polyvalent and efficient model!

The harness can be turned into a backpack in an instant ! Less weight to carry, less volume to deal with while maintaining superb comfort and protection levels.
Ideal on extended trips and to treck with. Reinforced and padded backrest.
  • Weight 3960 g
    Delivered as such
    in size M.
  • | 3660 g In size M
    without carabiners,
    without riser and
    without rescue handle.
  • Color(s) black/green
  • Size(s) XS, S, M, L & XL
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  • Reversible harness-backpack with integrated reserve parachute pocket.
  • Better Airbag design to facilitate the conversion into a backpack.
  • Great flying and backpacking comfort.