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An ultra light Cross-Country ( XC ) " hammock " type harness without seat plate.

Added passive safety via a certified 15 cm Bumpair back protector.

Ergonomic harness design with integrated cocoon pod ( Speed-Bag ).



The DELIGHT harness and its backpack have been proven on the field by five of the ten leading pilots during the rough X-ALPS 2011 race ! Toma Coconea, Michael Gebert, Thomas de Dorlodot...

With the DELGHT, the overall gear weight is greatly reduced. A new way to fly!

For hiking, trips abroad or flying long distance, the SUPAIR "DELIGHT" will be the perfect companion to. The harness's multiple benefits added to a light compact backpack design, make it the ideal compromise between performance, weight and passive safety!

  • Weight 3230 g
    Delivered as such
    in size M.
  • | 2000 g In size M
    without carabiners, without Bumpair, without Cockpit, without risers and without Maillon.
  • Color(s) black/green
  • Size(s) S, M, L & XL
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  • Extremly light ( the 2011 RedBull X-Alps race harness ) !
  • Integrated reserve parachute pocket.
  • Certification EN1651.