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Following the SKYPPER’s success, this promising harness is destined to reach top ranking levels within the international competition arena...

Fine tuned in collaboration with Charles Cazaux, it integrates state of the art technologies : two reserve parachute pockets, high speed stability, superb handling abilities in thermals, streamlined and reduced drag.

The SKYPPER FR is THE competition novelty by definition, and was consequently Charles Cazaux and Felix Rodriguez's obvious choice for this season’s Paragliding World Cup.

  • Weight 7570 g
  • Color(s) black/green
  • Size(s) S, M & L
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  • Two reserve parachute pockets : right/left.
  • High streamlining efficiency with a self-inflating rear profile.
  • A strongly stiffened backrest to provide heightened comfort levels with reclined body posture for precision flying.