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G Force trainer



Lightweight cross-country harness for site and mountain flying.

"Hammock" style harness with removable carbon mini seatplate enabling efficient piloting with good feedback.

High safety level with a dorsal reserve parachute container; a backrest outfitted with a BUMP'AIR 15 cm medium density foam protection , a "Safe-T" leg strap, and a stabilizer system.


The DELIGHT² is even more versatile than the initial DELIGHT due to its new geometry and removable mini seat plate.

The Speedbag is removable. A new Cockpit design provides excellent instrument visibility.

A new right sided dorsal container for easy reserve parachute access and extraction.

Running on take-off is made easy due to the light weight and leg straps position. Transitioning from running to seating is naturally instinctive and followed by an easy Speedbag entry.

Inflight support, comfort and sensations are typically similar to those found in normal XC harness designed for longer flights.

Upon landing, the seated posture is stable and efficient once your feet are out of the Speedbag.

  • Peso 3660 g
  • Colore(i) nero/verde
  • Taglia(e) S, M, L
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  • Lightweight performance.
  • Removable mini plate.
  • Removable Speedbag.