Тех. помощь



Harnesses particularly well adapted for a tandem flying.

Shock Absorbing System

BUMP'AIR (Mousse-bag) or AIRBAG.

Integrated reserve parachute pocket

It is the simplest way to install  and use a reserve parachute.

Most of the harnesses without an integrated built-in parachute pocket are pre-equipped to accept a front mounted reserve parachute container.


One product and two functions : harness and bag ! 

The overall gear size is reduced for not having to carry the standard glider bag and its average 1,2 kg to 1,5 kg weight ( we will continue to use it during the rides up mountain tops when the paragliders are thrown in vehicles and used as seats !

NO трансформер


Aerodynamically  comfortable ! It can be optional or included with the following harness models.

Reclined posture

Harnesses particularly well adapted for a recline flying posture.

Without seat plate (or with a small removable one)

To lessen the overall weigh, a few harnesses do not have a seat-plate or are equipped with a small removable one. The comfort level is still excellent though a bit different : a few flights are necessary to become familiar with this specific type of harness design.